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San Juan Bautista Square
San Juan, Puerto Rico

The San Juan Bautista Square is located in front of the Capitolio building and is one of the attractions of the Capitoline District of Puerto Rico. This modern square with marble and granite details is beautifully decorated with flowers, artistic benches and a spectacular view towards the Atlantic Ocean. In the center of the square there is an area with mosaics of the shields from the towns of Puerto Rico and a sculpture of San Juan Bautista. To the left of the square there is a staircase that goes to a small and picturesque beach. It isn't a swimming beach because it has strong currents, but you can stay on the shore, and get protected of the strong waves by a natural reef. Going back to the plaza you will find showers useful to take out the sand from your feet or remove the salt water from your body. Just steps away and on the back of the Capitolio, it is the Walk of the Presidents, another of the attractions of the Capitoline District. It is an exhibition of sculptures of some of the presidents of the United States like: John F. Kennedy, Theodore Roosevelt and Herbert Hoover and others.



1. Gabriela septiembre 11, 2011

Puerto Rico es uno de mis países favoritos y para mí es una isla no sólo del encanto sino muy especial, por eso siempre estoy enamorada de ese bello país caribeño....viva Puerto Rico.

2. yalitza mayo 11, 2011

El lugar se ve presioso yo sabia que puerto rico siempre tiene cosas para pasar un día maravilloso


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