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Pasión por el Fogón Restaurant
Fajardo, Puerto Rico

“Pasión Por el fogón” is a Puerto Rican food restaurant located in Fajardo, near El Conquistador Hotel. It is categorized as a “Mesón Gastronómico”. What does this mean? It is a recognition of the Tourism Company of Puerto Rico for the best restaurants outside of San Juan. Their fish are super fresh, as the restaurant is close to a marina. When you visit the restaurant you will see Chef Myrta walking around the room and jokingly celebrating with visitors. What dishes can we recommend? Honestly anyone, all are exquisite. A meal for two people including (2 drinks, 2 course and a dessert) goes from $60 to $80. It is open during the week from 4-10, Saturday from 2-11 and Sunday from 12-10.



1. Sandra Marcela noviembre 30, 2015

Hola me gustaría saber si tiene algún evento o cena especial para fin de año y los precios gracias Sandra Marcela

2. Jose Manuel diciembre 17, 2013

Super bueno, un poco caro pero es que sobresale de los demás.


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