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Hacienda Gripiñas
Jayuya, Puerto Rico

Hacienda Gripiñas located at Jayuya municipality has existed since 1858, at that time it was the mansion of Eusebio Pérez, one of the wealthiest people of the time. After 160 years of history, it still retains the essence of a 19th century house. Its wooden floor, wooden windows, the balcony with hammocks looking towards the mountains, the creek very close, surrounded by nature. Of course, it also has facilities of the 21st century, hot water, WiFi, air conditioning "just in case" and 2 swimming pools, one of them with river water. There are rooms suitable for all types of families, rooms accessible to persons with disabilities, rooms for families with young children and rooms for adults. It also has a restaurant, usually open for breakfast and dinner. There are lodging offers that include food. Their staff is very attentive and eager to assist visitors, either by giving directions or recommending activities. Being local, they can recommend the safest route to reach your destination, not like the GPS.

If you are going on a trip to Jayuya, do not miss the chance to spend multiple nights at this hostel, you will experience the sunrise in the mountains, the cold nights and all the activities that this village offers. For more information call 787-88-1717.



1. Yadira Rosado julio 12, 2019

Un lugar tranquilo y verdaderamente hermoso. Familiar. La comida divina y la atención excelente.

2. Elena N rosado torres julio 28, 2017

Se ve un lugar precioso


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