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Guánica Dry Forest
Guánica, Puerto Rico

The Guanica Dry Forest is considered the best preserved dry forest in the Caribbean. It is a forest where you walk a lot and under a lot of heat. For this reason we recommend bringing plenty of water, light clothing and sunscreen. Once in the forest entrance, talk to the staff of the Department of Natural Resources (DRNA) and let them know how long you want to spend in the woods and the physical condition of the group. Depending on your peculiarities, they will recommend a trip. We urge to follow his instructions to avoid any misadventures. The main roads are labeled at its entrance, but then they have no labels. Among the most popular trails are: Fort Caprón Trail, Cave Trail, El Vigía Trail. If you want to ride a bike, ask DRNA staff in which trails their use is permitted. The entrance to the forest is free and it has parking and restrooms. The forest is open from Sunday to Monday from 8-5.

Near Places: Punta Ballena, Caña Gorda Beach, Tamarindo Guánica Beach, Atolladora Sector

Categories this place belongs: Biking, Hiking, Sightseeing

How to arrive, click here or view on Google Maps 17.97189,-66.86898

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1. Melissa marzo 15, 2019

Tienen guías para estudiantes

2. Wanda Tolentino marzo 09, 2018

Necesito visitar el bosque para una asignacion para mi hija. Quiero saber si tienen algún horario para charlas si las dan. Gracias

3. Luz Ortiz febrero 19, 2018

Me interesa visitar el área el domingo 25 feb 2018. Mi hija y unas compañeras tienen una asignación y esa es el área que les toca. Quisiera saber si hay algún personal disponible para servirnos de guía.

4. Anilka Bonilla noviembre 06, 2017

Saludos, me interesaría saber si tienen disponible personal para llevar acabo caminatas. Gracias

5. milersa roman agosto 04, 2017

me interesa saber si tienen personal para tours.


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