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Aguadilla Ruins
Aguadilla, Puerto Rico

Las Ruinas de la Base Ramey in Aguadilla is a historic landmark with a beautiful view of the ocean. Originally it was a lighthouse built in the late 19th century, but it was destroyed by an earthquake in 1918. Many videos and television commercials have been recorded there.

Near Places: Surfer Beach, Wilderness Beach, Wilderness Shore Break, Skateboard and Splash Park

Categories this place belongs: Sightseeing, Historic Places

How to arrive, click here or view on Google Maps 18.48871,-67.16177

  • Dir: Aguadilla, PR
  • St. 107
  • through golf course

3.98, 48 votes



1. Ann Dearborn April 05, 2012

This place is awesome and the beaches nearby are magical. The best thing of it all is that it is uncrowded. With all the push to build facilities and a kiosk it will surely go downhill like most other beaches in PR unfortunately - full of cheap commerce, people, stray dogs and quite ugly. Keep this pearl, let it be.

2. myriam April 23, 2011

Ay yo las visite hace como 5 yrs y me tire unas fotos con mi amiga es un sitio hermoso me encanto y cuando vuelva para PR quisiera volver a visitarlas!

3. Mady April 14, 2010

Aguadilla es mi casa pero q pena q un lugar tan bonito y historico no tenga unas facilidades para llegar al lugar poca vigilancia, alumbrado,mejor lugar recreativo, kiosko y q sea de agrado de todos. Espero q Sr. Carlos Mendez se preocupe mas por estas areas q son las mas q llaman la atencion a los turistas y dejar a un lado el pueblo de aguadilla y ocuparse mas por los pequenos barrio como Borinquen q esta cerca el Crashboat

4. Juan June 18, 2009

Es lamentable , que un lugar tan importante como este , este en situaciones tan precarias y no le den la importancia y el mantenimiento que se merece . Puerto Rico lo hace mejor . claro como no .

5. Priscilla January 27, 2009

I would love for people to visit this ruins because it would give this place some touristic importance and would be preserved for a long long time

6. Angel Acevedo November 06, 2008

Ver Faro original aquí: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jibaro42/2832703042/in/set-72157607135490566/

7. GisiXcg00 May 20, 2008

hay este sitio me trae tantoooosssss recuerdos!!!!!

8. kestrelblue March 29, 2008

In 1975 there were four wall to the old light house...you know that it was a lighthouse that was taken out by a tidal wave that hit PR in 1929. I used to ride my horses down there and surf at Wilderness


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