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Walking Puerto Rico with the Fondo de Mejoramiento

The “Fondo de Mejoramiento” is a private non-profit educational organization genuinely Puerto Rican. It has served its country for forty years, educating residents of Puerto Rico, Puerto Ricans in foreign countries and tourists, about our land and its conservation, our people and human relationships. It was born with the idea of creating a movement for improvement in Puerto Rico and every year it has achieved this goal. Improve what? Well, everything, said me Mr. Gabriel Ferrer, founder of this organization. It improves the way in which Puerto Ricans see our country, the physical and emotional health, our social life; makes us more aware of our responsibility to protect the natural resources. Every experience with the “Fondo de Mejoramiento” helps us all in different ways, because as very well the organization says: we improve our environment, working with our people.

The “Fondo de Mejoramiento” works really hard to benefit others with four special programs:

1. Panoramic Walk - Crosses Puerto Rico from East to West in 16 sections by the Panoramic Route of the Cordillera Central. It begins in January and continues until March, Saturdays and Sundays. It begins in Maunabo and ends in Mayagüez. It has a small cost fee by section to cover security and ambulance. Children under 19 years, accompanied by an adult do not pay.

2. School on Wheels - Under this program the "Fondo de Mejoramiento” has made visits to all the municipalities of the Island, including Vieques and Culebra as well as places of marked ecological and scenic value. This effort has become the best and most comprehensive offer of local tourism in Puerto Rico. Among the achievements of this project is have aroused curiosity about the natural, cultural and human values of our Island, creating consciousness in terms of its conservation and appreciation. It has been of great social impact, renewing hope for the human quality of our people by promoting and consolidating friendships between hikers, visitors and visited.

3. The Approaching Hour - It is an informal meeting every Thursday at midday at the Levis Restaurant of Isla Verde. The meeting purpose is to share and discuss a variety of topics with guest personalities and with the participation of partners and friends of the organization. Is a great space to know and to publicize the efforts of civil organizations of Puerto Rico, both as environmentalists and humanists. This informal meeting is open to general public.

4. International Exchange Program - Ecological and cultural trips to different parts of the word. Depart several times per year to very particular and exotic places. A wonderful complement to local tourism.

You can get more information about the “Fondo de Mejoramiento” using these resources:

  • Email: mejoramiento71@yahoo.com, caminatapanoramica@gmail.com
  • Website: www.fondodemejoramiento.org
  • Telephones: 787-759-8366, 787-382-7032
  • Mailing address: PO Box 364746 San Juan, Puerto Rico 00936-4746



1. Nanim Rekacz enero 15, 2019

En 2019 harán la caminata?

2. Ana Reyes diciembre 28, 2018

Habrá caminata en el 2019? Por favor, envienme información. Gracias.

3. ZeePuertoRico junio 10, 2018

si, en el 2018 realizaron la caminata.

4. Juanita morales mayo 20, 2018

Por favor me pueden decir si está haciendo la caminata todavía?

5. Juanita morales mayo 20, 2018

Por favor me pueden decir si está haciendo la caminata todavía?

6. Brunilda Barreto julio 26, 2015

Deseo informacion para pertenecer a la organizacion

7. pablo rivera septiembre 06, 2014

quiero saber si el fondo esta activo todavia y si hay actividades para el 2014 despues de el fallecimineto de su director Gabriel Ferrer y quien esta a cargo de esas actividades ahora

8. ANNA MORALES agosto 23, 2013

hola. Quiero information sobre membrecia y itinerarios y otra info general sobre ustedes. Gracias.

9. Jose M Lopez Sierra mayo 31, 2013

Si! El Fondo de Mojoramiento todavia visita a los diferentes pueblos de nuestra isla para conocerlos. Tambien hacen viajes internacionales, y las famosas caminatas panoramicas una vez al ano. Para mas informacion, llame al Sr. Gabriel Ferrer al 787-759-8366.

10. Maria mayo 13, 2013

Me gustaria recibir informacion de sus excursiones y actividades y requisitos para membresia

11. MAnuel Concepcion noviembre 25, 2012

Necesito itinerario caminatas 2013

12. Reina Melendez agosto 06, 2012

Me gustaria tener mas informacion para poder participar junto a mi esposo, ambos retirados.Gx

13. cyndi agosto 04, 2012

por favor, enviarme informacion de las actividades

14. pedro m. vila giusti julio 26, 2012

favor enviarme informacion de reuniones y actividades

15. Miguel julio 26, 2012

Me gustaria recibir informacion de las actividades y en que fecha es la caminata.

16. zeepuertorico julio 07, 2012

Si todavia hacen actividades y anualmente hacen la caminata.

17. Carly julio 06, 2012

Hace anos yo iba a excursiones a la isla que organizaba este fondo quisiera saber si todavia las hacen y me gustaria volver a participar en ellas.

18. JRoman mayo 09, 2012

Saludos! Me añaden a su lista de interesados en recibir info de sus actividades? Gracias

19. lisa abril 22, 2012

Me encanta su web gracias


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